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Number 45. Attend A Rugby Game With My Husband.


So last week Friday the Stormers played the Hurricanes at Newlands rugby stadium. Now normally, I wouldn’t know this because I don’t watch rugby. My husband is the rugby fanatic and that’s why attending a game with him is on my list of 100 things in 2014.

So when my husband’s boss offered him his season tickets for that particular game, you would think I’d be excited – at least to cross something off my list. I was emotionally paralyzed. Let me assure you, I am not being melodramatic. You see, my husband got the tickets last Thursday, the day before the match. Normally this would not have been a problem. We don’t really have a shortage of friends and family willing to babysit, but it would be my first outing without my 3 month old baby girl.

It may not seem like a big deal, but after breastfeeding your baby for 3 months and being the sole solution to their every need, your first solo outing feels like you’re severing a precious connection. Well, it was enough to almost bring me to tears in the middle of the baby isle in PicknPay while deciding whether or not to buy some formula for the evening (don’t tell the nurse at the baby clinic – I think she may just kill me if she found out).

So off I went. I met my husband at the parking garage – late. But he was being such a sweetheart about the whole thing, making the evening about me and my first time experiencing a live rugby match. We ran around a bit getting a bite to eat and entered the stadium just after half time. Just at the right time when things were getting heated with the Hurricanes in the lead. I must admit – I clapped for the wrong team at first – but in my defense, i wasn’t paying attention yet. It was a nail-biting game to the very end when the Stormers stole the victory.

I have never been so involved in a game before, the fact that I was watching it live really changed my attitude toward the sport. Maybe it was the crowd – the camaraderie, or the fact that I could hear actual bodies clashing on the field. Or maybe it was the fact I got to really experience something my husband is so passionate about, and we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Although, the Stormers winning didn’t hurt either. Neither did scratching another item off the list.


One comment on “Number 45. Attend A Rugby Game With My Husband.

  1. Rita Saunders
    March 11, 2014

    Another good blog well done! and thanks for sharing… my first time I went to a live game I was so excited I missed a step and nearly fell flat on my face and had everybody laughing!!

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